The Star Quadrant

Critical business areas improvement

We have identified 17 Areas of importance to businesses which can deliver improved bottom line results to your business.

Business enhancement solutions identifies critical business areas and solves these issues with your inputs and our expertise . Aimed at Large multinational enterprises or small, medium and large enterprises, our solutions address the critical areas needed by business to survive, grown and expand their business footprint in specific areas which contribute directly to sales revenue.


We have identified 17 Areas of importance to businesses in the Management, Marketing and Sales areas. We can either provide the below added value services or alternately train your teams to function with our established tools, templates, and technique

Business Planning

  • Developing the business plan
  • Strategic planning
  • Business insights
  • Markets and Customers

Marketing Planning

  • Developing the marketing plan
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Market Share
  • Traditional vs Digital

Sales Planning

  • Customers and servicing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Who Is your customer?
  • What is your channel
  • Go to market
  • Price management
  • Customer share
  • Customer segmentation

Trade Marketing

  • Trade Marketing Concepts
  • TM Application
  • TM Strategy
  • TM ecosystem
  • TM Planning
  • TM Measurement


  • What is price
  • Designing price
  • Positioning
  • Measuring
  • Profitability
  • Strategy
  • Tactics

New Business Development

  • New Markets
  • New Customers
  • New Products
  • New Channels

Product Development

  • Product Hierarchies
  • Product labelling
  • Product Portfolios
  • Product Tiers
  • Product Profitability

Digital Strategy

  • Traditional vs Digital
  • Digital strategy
  • Communication
  • Digital Planning
  • Digital presence


Promotions Development

  • Promotion’s strategy
  • Promotion Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Communication
  • Costs & profits
  • Strategy development
  • Tactics

Customer Acquisition

  • New and Old customers
  • Acquiring customers
  • Customer acquisition costs
  • How to acquire customers
  • Managing customers

Competitive Landscape

  • Establish the CL
  • Defining competition
  • Competitive strategies
  • Features, claims & benefits

Market Sizing

  • Relevant and addressable markets
  • Volume & Value
  • Segments / Channels
  • Brand share
  • Segment Share

Partner search

  • Identify a partner
  • Qualify and validate a partner
  • Manage a partner

Account Planning

  • Defining key accounts
  • Managing key Accounts
  • Account characteristics
  • Account management
  • Account strategies

Target Market

  • Develop your personas
  • Segmentation / Positioning
  • Targeting
  • Communication

Measuring distribution

  • Distribution relevance
  • Measuring distribution
  • Managing distribution
  • Distribution strategies

New Markets

  • Identify new markets
  • Plan your entry
  • Manage your “Go to market strategy”

Small, Medium and Large enterprises are a big part of the economy, the identified areas above can be customised to suit enterprises.

Small, Medium and Large enterprises can generate anywhere from half or more of the GDP of a country and a few more points in employment than the GDP share. Our customized solutions can cater to specific requirements which can be a single area or multiple areas of interest.

Most non-financial requirements centre around 5 areas

We work very closely with Insights, on the ground assessments and analysis, capability assessments, and bench marking against industry standard, coupled together a diagnostic tool offering analysis based on lean methodology all relevant to ROI.

We use an extensive set of tools and templates to establish the business process is captured, prioritized and analysed in an extensive manner, we use our Lean Six Sigma self-developed tools and template branded (UpskilPro) which offers rapid diagnostic results offering improvement opportunities.

Capability Enhancement for Businesses.

All our content in PowerPoint is reflective of subject specific industry best practices . Use our material to save time and improve productivity.

We have hand built every single piece of tools & templates, you don’t need to spend time building anything , you save countless hours of development work right away.

Our tools in excel are reflective of precise subject based situations , simple and easy to use , you get instant graphical tables and charts.

Our tools in excel are reflective of precise subject based situations , simple and easy to use , you get instant graphical tables and charts.

We have worked across a dozen companies and almost all Sales & Marketing functions to bring you simple and effective best practices

We like solving business concerns and problems we offer consultation on demand.

We enjoy training & development; we use the same tools and techniques to train organizations and bring early benefits to them.

Strategic tools, Analytical tools, Content Modules & Templates in one place to get 10X productive now !

(We use capability enhancement tools, Training & processes for business)