The Star Quadrant

New Market

Analysis, engagement and execution to guided new market entry.


Distribution Partner Search

Validation & search of local distributors / agents to grow Your business.



Only element that has a direct impact on the financial health of the organisation.

Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights

Business questions answered with relevant primary or secondary data.



Identifies critical business areas & solves these issues with your inputs & our expertise

The Star Quadrant was founded on the premise that we could offer expertise to companies in specific business areas by extending them clear, candid and problem solving solutions based on business insight, experience, best practices & resourcefulness.

Solutions Scope

Our expertise centres on the 5 services of Partner Search, New Market Entry, Business Operations, Insights & Research and Pricing.


New Market entry –

New market entry is a complex set of plans and processes to get the business launched , talk to us we have done numerous new market launches and there are enough processes and domain knowledge we can extend to any situation , we broadly group the whole process into 4 areas For simplicity.

Distribution Partner Search –

No matter what the life cycle of the business relationship is, there are 3 choices:

Pricing –

The pricing landscape remains to be one of the most overlooked and least used areas of business profitability. We mix marketing, sales, finance and business core principles to deliver a solution which improves your bottom line right away.

Research –

We tend to group our research for simplicity into primary & secondary data acquisition and analytics. We also break it into groups of Trade and Consumer research for differentiation, extensive work has been done in the primary side on consumers in multiple countries. Markets and ethnicities. All our research is done based on best practices and bound by industry standards and practices.

Business Operations –

We have identified 17 core areas of importance to businesses which we can add value quickly for any business based on typical challenges a business faces , these areas are productized by us for extending into enhancement solutions or training for organisations keen to grow their value and manage their business successfully ,these solutions cover the areas of Sales , Marketing , Management and Customers.